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SPA Hotels in Bulgaria
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Bulgaria - healthy country  Booking SPA and treatment programs

Balneology (derived from the Latin “balneum” to alleviate pain, later means “bath”; “logos” means “word, teaching, science”) is the doctrine on mineral waters and water cure covering also mud treatment, thalassotherapy, climatic therapy; it is a branch of medical science studying the origin and the physical and chemical properties of the minerals waters, their application methods as medical and preventive measures at internal and external use.

It seems to us that the Bulgarian resorts are wrongly underestimated in views of the brilliant opportunities they render for cure and preventive treatment of many an illness. To Bulgaria’s credit is the climate congenial to health, 378 km long seashore with wonderful sandy beaches, more than 530 (!) mineral thermal springs with various physicochemical composition, temperature and undeniable medical properties, dozens of basins with lagoon-type inundated mud and peat deposits. With its unique, varied and abundant hydromineral, bio-climatic, mud- and thalassotherapeutic and other resources Bulgaria stands among the top countries in the European list.

The history of the balneotherapy in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian traditions in the balneotherapy go back to the earliest times. In Thracian period prosperous settlements arise near hot mineral wells; nympheums for water cure have been built. In Roman époque such balneotherapeutic centres as Augusta (Hissar), Desudava (Sandanski), Serdica (Sofia) gain foothold and the Roman emperors Ulpius Trajanus, Septimius Severus, Justinian underwent medical treatment there.

What and where to cure?

The treatment modes in the modern balneotherapeutic centres, where our company suggests accommodation, are more or less the same. They are dealt in detail in our offers in the sections of the appropriate resorts accordingly. In the same time each resort assumes its peculiarities. For example Sandanski is very suitable for treatment of patients suffering from bronchial asthma, non-specific lung diseases, and upper respiratory tract diseases. The treatment in Hissarya gives excellent result in cure of renal excretion system disorders, a range of diseases of the digestive tract, the gall-bladder, the liver, etc. Velingrad hosts patients for treatment of metabolic disturbances, functional disorders of the nervous system, urinary excretion and gastric systems diseases. Devin is suitable for musculoskeletal system, neurological and cardiovascular diseases cure. The sea-based balneotherapeutic centres successfully treat the diseases of the locomotor apparatus, the peripheral nervous system; these centres widely use the Black Sea inundated lands’ (liman) mud, medicinal peat, spring therapeutic mud and aqua-gels.

About the mineral waters

One of the key factors of the balneology is the use of the Bulgarian mineral waters. They build up the basis for the water therapy; in case of certain diseases to drink them may be health-giving as well. There is a great variety of waters in view of their chemical composition and salinity and considering solute mineral salts, medicinal gases and biologically active microelements. As a matter of fact in the country there are all kinds of mineral waters, which exist in nature. The springs with the temperature below 20˚ С are considered cold; with the temperature between 20˚ С - 37˚ С are warm (subthermal); with the temperature between 37˚ С - 42˚ С are thermal and with the temperature above 42˚ are hot (hyperthermal). About three fourths of the minerals springs are warm. The cold ones however are rare.

The low-mineralized waters are suitable to drink and are used as cure and preventive measures of the gastrointestinal diseases, hepatopaties, biliary tracts diseases, renal and urological diseases, metabolic and endocrinous disorders. Mineral waters containing fluorine are health-giving for osteoporosis and a tool for dental caries prevention.

Of particular value for musculoskeletal system, dermatological, nervous and genital systems diseases are sulphide, sodium-chloride and iodide-bromine mineral waters when used externally. Alkali-hydrocarbonate waters benefit to respiratory and digestive disorders and carbonic acid waters to cardiovascular diseases.

About some other treatment modes

Some other exceptionally popular treatment modes in Bulgaria are the phytotherapy (vulnerary plants and medicinal herbs), and the cure based on the healing properties of honey and bee-products, thalassotherapy, climate treatment, atmiatrics, apparatus physical therapy, kinesitherapy.

The great advantage of the Bulgarian balneal resorts is that they are situated in exceptionally favourable climate areas, which allows combining successfully the climatic and balneal treatment. The Bulgarian Black Sea coast (the resorts like Riviera, Golden Sands, Sunny Day, St. Constantine and Elena) stands out as an area of the Continental-Mediterranean climatic region. There are neither severe climatic conditions so common to the Northern European seashores, nor summer glow of the Mediterranean. The Bulgarian mountainous resorts also offer rich preventive and therapeutic opportunities. The advantages of these resorts are the beautiful nature, uncontaminated air, short-wave ultraviolet radiation, negative ionization of air, multiple mineral springs with varied temperature and chemistry.

The overabundance of natural conditions combined with modern accommodation and balneotherapeutic base offers excellent opportunities for all-year-round effective treatment of the diseases most widely spread nowadays and thus actually turns Bulgaria into a country of health.

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