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Bourgas is a big Bulgarian port and the fourth largest city in the country; its population counts about 210 thousand people.

Due to the abundance of thermal mineral springs there were settlements in these parts in times immemorial of Thrace. The real flourishing of the town as an economical and industrial centre began in the late XIX early XX century with the construction of the railroad and the port.

Four shallow lakes from the continental part of Bourgas form the largest habitat of aquatic and paludal species of animals and birds. More than 170 kinds of birds may be counted here. On the territory of the Bourgas lakes there is an environment protection centre “Poda”. There are ibises, spoon-bills, diving cormorants on the Lake Mandrensko, where the salt Lake Vaya is the summer site of a large population of pelicans. The reservation is open for visitors; there are special eco-trails to observe the birds in their natural habitat.

Among the places of interest in Bourgas one can name the archaeological and the ethnographical museums as well as the art gallery. The same as in Varna there is a marine park near the sea with lots of children playgrounds and summer cafés; there is a small zoo and a summer theatre. This is the favourite place for promenades and to carry out various municipal cultural activities and festivals, the main of them being the International folklore festival, which is usually held in the end of August.

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