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Sea garden in Bourgas is situated above the beach along the central beach. It has a total area of about 72 000 sq.m. and has a length of more than 5 km. The park is planted with large trees and shrubs, forming shady places to walk along the alleys. In green lawns there are scattered stone sculptures, and busts of famous writers, actors and personalities.
Across the sea garden of pretty places there are children playgrounds with slides, swings and inflatable castles, and men dressed as clowns handing out balloons to children. The garden has many large and small lanes for walking, are beautifully covered with colorful flowers. They create a pleasant sensation with their scent, beauty, and charge a person with positive thoughts and feelings.
In the sea garden is open-air theater on whose stage competitions are held for several songs. Nearby are two night clubs and many cafes offer hot drinks and food for the tired after a long walk bystanders.
However there are several places located in the summer small booths where you can buy a delicious ice cream, nuts and boiled corn.
Since the park is situated above the beach, has an incredibly beautiful sea and beach. Inside this garden over the sea coast has benches where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. It also sees the bridge, port, and in clear weather is visible and the beach of Sarafovo.
The park is visited daily by many residents and guests of the city in a warm and sunny weather is filled with a lot of children and adults who came here to finally shake off their problems. Sea Garden is easily accessible. It originates from the edge of one of the main streets in town. In its vicinity there is a bus a bus stop and parking.

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