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Bankya resort is located at the foot of Lyulin Mountain, on the banks of river Bankya, 16 km west of the capital Sofia. Bankya is at an average altitude of 700 m.

The resort is a national balneo treatment centre for rehabilitation and prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases. Bankya is one of the most visited spa resorts in Bulgaria due to its beneficial climate, healing mineral waters, very well developed resort facilities and highly qualified medical professionals.

Bankya has a temperate continental climate with foothill influence. The average air temperature is 9.4 degrees Celsius (48.92 Fahrenheit). Summers are warm, but not hot, winters are moderately cold. Cloudiness is moderate, fog is very weak and, as a result, there is a significant level of sunshine - more than 2000 hours annually. The relative humidity is moderate - 73% on average. Rainfall is moderate and snow cover lasts for an average of 57 days a year. These particular climate characteristics are extremely favorable for year-round spa treatment and general prophylaxis as well as for strengthening the body system.

The region of Bankya resort is rich in mineral water sources - both natural and drilling, with total flow of 24 liters/ second. The temperature of the mineral water is 36.5 to 37 degrees Celsius (97.7 to 98.6 Fahrenheit). The mineral waters are weakly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium, silicon, fluoric, with strong alkaline reaction and low water hardness. They are clear, colorless and odorless, with very pleasant drinking and tasting qualities.
Indications for treatment and prophylaxis:
- heart defects with circulatory insufficiency up to grade I
- conditions after cardiac defect operations  - non-complicated forms
- ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris) with slightly manifested and slight stenocardia attacks
- conditions after myocardial infarction - stabilized and non-complicated forms
- myocardial dystrophies of different origin - compensated forms
- hypertension stage I-II
- hypotonic disease
- early atherosclerosis
The effect on vascular and organ dysfunctions and on disorders of the nervous system - organ neuroses, is very positive. There is also beneficial effect for conditions of physical and mental fatigue, during recovery after ill health and surgery interventions, and for general prophylaxis, strengthening and boosting the body system, as well as for genuine relaxation.
Bankya resort offers endless leisure opportunities such as sunbathing at hydrothermal pools, a picturesque park, numerous archaeological sites, dating from Roman times, churches and monasteries, as well as a plenty of hiking trails.

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