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The town of Virshets is located at the north foothills of Stara Planina mountain, along the river valley of Botunya river.

Virshets has been famous for its mineral springs as early as Thracian and Roman times. The Thracian boy - God Thelesphoros, whose bronze statue (2nd century BC) was found hereabouts, is today the symbol of the town, known in antiquity under the name “Medeka”. In Turkish documents, dating back from 16th century, the town is referred to as “Virishniche”. The year 1850 is considered the official birth date of the balneological resort Virshets. This is the year in which the first patient, an inhabitant of the town - Dimitar Luchkov, was cured by the healing mineral water. The first public baths in the town, built in 1910, appeared to be too small to gather all the flocking ill people and in 1930 a second larger building in antique syle was erected. In 1950 Virshets is pronounced a national resort.

The resort is situated 380 m above the sea level, over a vast granite diorite massif. High mountain ranges protect the place from cold winds and temperature fluctuations, and make the air clean and fresh.

The climate is healthy, temperate continental, the summer is warm to hot, the winter is cold and the autumn is warmer than the spring.

The mineral water (hydrocarbonate sulphate sodium) from the six springs and boreholes, with average temperature of 37° С, is limpid, colorless with pleasant drinking qualities. The valuable chemical components, together with alkaline reaction and weak mineralization of this mineral water determine its beneficial effect.

Virshets is extremely suitable for treatment of nervous system diseases, locomotor system disorders and metabolism diseases.

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