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Golden Sands

Golden Sands — this poetic name belongs to one of Bulgaria’s largest sea resort. It is located 17 km north of the town of Varna, the “sea capital” of the country as it is called in all tourist guides. The journey from Varna airport takes approximately 30 minutes.
The long stretch of beach (100 meters wide and 4 kilometers long) is famous for its large quantities of sand of the most natural (as if one would expect something different) color. In spite of the construction activities of the past few years and the increased flow of tourists there is still room on the beach, especially if you come early in the morning.
The resort never sleeps — there are lots of restaurants, cafes, clubs, casinos, discotheques, karaoke bars. The popularity of Golden Sands becomes especially apparent at night, when crowds of tourists come out for a stroll along the promenade, which stretches from “The Admiral” hotel to yacht pier near “The Glarus”. Rows of sun-tanned and merry demonstrators parade from north to south and from south to north.
The strolling tourists are joyful and happy, and we wish you the same! Welcome!

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