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The town of Sozopol is situated 35 km to the south of Burgas (the transfer from Burgas airport takes approximately 45 minutes).
Sozopol is one of the oldest cities on the Black sea coast of Bulgaria. It was founded in 610 BC by the energetic and purposeful ancient Greek colonists from the city of Miletes. Sozopol was called Apollonia Pontica then.
Today Sozopol on a par with Nessebar is one of the most visited and favored tourist sites. Narrow winding streets paved with cobblestones, wooden houses with overhanging top stories darkened with old age, remains of splendid antiquity dispersed here and there in the old town, a wonderful archeological museum, monuments of medieval architecture – all constitute the charm of this small museum-town.
Actors, poets, painters, in short the artistic elite of Bulgaria love to spend their vacations in Sozopol. A rather interesting art festival “Apollonia” is held here in early September. Sozopol is also famous (in line with creativity and freedom of expression) for its vast nudist beach. So please come, look around, feel yourself slightly Greek, partly a poet, and enjoy a truly creative vacation!

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