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St.St. Constantine and Elena

The St. St. Constantine and Elena resort is so called after a male monastery located here, which is functioning and doing quite well (although in a rather reduced state) to this day. In its turn the monastery is dedicated to the first Roman emperor who had adopted Christianity and his mother who had undertaken a pilgrimage to the HolyLand and had found the Holy Cross.

St. Constantine is the oldest Black sea resort and sanatorium in Bulgaria. It is situated 8 km away from Varna.The trip from Varna airport takes approximately 20 minutes. The beach is sandy here and consists of several bays.

There is a mineral hyper thermal spring on the beach near the ship-restaurant “Sirius” across from “Chaika” (“The Seagull”) hotel. The downside of mineral water for the bathers gathering at the spring is its strong and rather unpleasant “healing” smell; the positive side is its undoubtedly nurturing effect on hair, skin, the nervous system and the organism as a whole. Most of the open-air pools on the territory of the complex are filled with mineral water.

The resort life in St. Constantine is absolutely devoid of the fuss typical for such places as the Golden Sands. Time flows slowly and with dignity, everything reminds one of balneological therapy. In short, this is an old-fashioned resort with traditions.

At night the vacationers stroll slowly along the central promenade demonstrating their good health and great mood, and we wish the same for you! Welcome!

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