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Bulgaria is a country abounding with healing mineral springs. By number and variety of thermal springs Bulgaria ranks second in Europe.
There are more than 600 mineral springs that so far have been found and researched on the territory of the country. Over 80 per cent of them have healing properties and their temperature varies from 20°C to 101°C (68°F - 213.8°F).
Bulgarian mineral waters have various chemical composition, mineralization, gases and microorganisms.
Some of these valuable natural resources are located in the resorts along the Black Sea coast. The abundance of hot mineral springs, healing liman mud and lye, combined with a favorable sea climate and beautiful landscapes, makes the Bulgarian Black Sea coast the ultimate destination for treatment, rehabilitation and SPA holidays throughout the entire year.

For this purpose have been built many balneotherapy centers and hotels which offer a full range of SPA treatments and therapies, as well as specialized rehabilitation programs at a very high level. In these programs highly qualified professionals have implemented all known treatment, rehabilitation and relaxation therapies, including mud therapy, chromotherapy, thalassotherapy, aromatherapy, massages and more.
Such SPA resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are Pomorie, Saints Constantine and Helena, Sunny Day, Albena and Burgas.

Pomorie is the seaside center of medical tourism and one of the most famous seaside resorts with curative mud. Pomorie has a unique nature which makes it an attractive place for year-round holidays and treatment of various diseases. The town was founded in the sixth century BC near the salty lake, also known among the ancient Thracians as the "sacred" one, because of its healing properties. It has been shown that due to its qualities the curative liman mud from Pomorie, extracted from the salty lake, is among the best in the world. It is a natural product formed from organic and inorganic compounds, result of a variety of chemical, biological and microbiological processes in the of Pomorie  Liman Lake. The healing factors have a specific effect on the body mainly in a neuro-reflectory way. Under the influence of the healing mud treatment a significant activation of the metabolic processes occurs, which is particularly powerful in cases of upper respiratory tract diseases, and at the same time has active inflammatory properties.

Burgas Mineral Baths is one of the oldest Bulgarian balneological resorts. It is located 15 km northwest from the second largest Black Sea city - Burgas, 31 m above the sea level. Under the name Aquae Calidae and later on - Thermopolis, this large balneological center flourished for centuries.
The presence of mineral springs and sea climate determine the specific beneficial effects of the wide range of health activities, offered here  - outdoor balneotherapy in baths and pools, drinking mineral water treatment and other balneo-hydrotherapy treatments, such as healing gas tubs, tubs with herbal extracts, tubs with medications, curative showers, mud and paraffin treatment, curative gymnastics (including underwater one), various types of kinesitherapy, mechanotherapy, therapeutic massage, underwater shower massage, occupational therapy, electro-light treatment, sun and air baths and swimming, sports and therapeutic activities, terrain therapy, therapies with diet, therapy with medications etc.

Albena resort is located 21 km away from the city of Varna. It spreads along a wide, five-kilometers long, beach strip, in close proximity to the Balata Nature Reserve (a maintained reserve, covering dense forests), in the valley of Batova river. The resort is preferred destination because of the combination of spacious beach of fine golden sand, shallow coastal bottom, fresh sea air, tranquility and mineral waters.
The mineral water at the resort has a temperature of 30 degrees, it is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate, containing magnesium and calcium. Here is extracted liman mud which contains biologically active substances, biogenic stimulators and trace elements - iodine, copper, strontium, molybdenum and manganese.
The program of the SPA and Balneotherapy center  Medica Albena offers various treatments and the center has the capacity to perform up to 1 000 therapies per day.

Sunny Day resort complex is located 10 km northeast of the city of Varna, near Saints Constantine and Helena resort, in a natural park. The proximity to the park and the specific sea breeze make it an ideal place for relaxation. The resort has also been awarded the international eco-label "Blue Flag" for several consecutive years. The combination of crystal clear water, golden sand and mineral water springs allows for full recovery and deep relaxation.
Sunny Day has two modern SPA centers, which offer a wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments - mud therapy, reflexology, laser therapy and aromatherapy, solarium, sauna, fitness and more. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools with mineral water.

Saints Constantine and Helena resort is located 9 km northeast of Varna and 10 km away from Golden Sands resort complex. It is the oldest Bulgarian seaside resort (1908), emerged around the eponymous monastery. The resort is famous for its unique combination of sea, fresh air and lavish greenery. The region has many mineral springs with curative properties, pools with hot mineral water, balneological complexes and other facilities. There are many first-class hotels offering various healing and rehabilitation treatments.

The resorts along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast offer excellent opportunities for medical and SPA tourism, which attract tourists from all over the world.

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