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The Dunes

The Dunes resort is situated 40 km. south of Burgas and only 8km. away from the wonderful town of Sozopol (the transfer from Burgas airport takes approximately one hour). The Dunes are located on the territory of a nature preserve, in the northern part (but on the southern slope) of the Stranga mountains. The beach is wide here (about 100m) with many sand dunes. The proximity of the mountains to the sea is the main attraction of this resort.
The complex includes four hotels and some cottages. It offers 5 and 4 star comfort and service. European on the inside, outwardly it is rather traditional and reminds one of old Bulgarian towns and monasteries.
The Dunes resort is all-inclusive and offers its visitors besides the wonderful and plentiful food in several restaurants and bars the opportunity to loose weight by going swimming (there are three swimming complexes here), playing lawn and table tennis, pursuing archery, aerobics, water aerobics, tai-bo, cycling, volleyball, football, windsurfing, fitness and so on. The resort has well organized animation for kids, children’s pools, playgrounds, discotheques and mini-clubs with different programs. After leaving your child in the care of animators you can attend to yourself: there are beauty parlors with hairdressers, manicure, pedicure, cosmetologist and masseur.

So please come, enjoy the food, the wine, the mountains, the sea, the dunes, the beach and each other’s company!

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