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Bulgaria offers excellent opportunities for sports tourism. Over the recent years sports tourism has developed into one of the most dynamic sectors of the tourism industry in the country. Numerous modern facilities have been built, among which sports centers, sports and recreational facilities, other facilities for practicing more than 100 types of different sports, both for amateur and professional athletes of all ages and nationalities.
Bulgaria hosts many international and world sporting events, competitions, contests and activities. In Bulgaria there are excellent conditions for sports training, training camps for national and club teams for almost every  sport - football, swimming and water sports athletics, tennis, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, futsal, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, horse riding, dancing and other sports.
Bulgarian nature, diverse terrain, high mountains, outlet to the sea and four seasons present very good conditions for the exercise of various outdoor sports. The most popular of them are are skiing and golf.
Last but not least Bulgaria is a perfect, much sought after, destination for extreme sports such as rafting, kayaking, paragliding, hang gliding, surfing, diving, canyoning, mountain biking, rock climbing and bungee jumping.

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