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Address: Bulgaria, Kolarovo
Castra Rubra Winery is located in Kolarovo village, 12 km away from the town of Harmanli, and is the newest winery of the famous brand "Telish." The climate is temperate continental. The area is characterized by hot dry summers with warm nights. The winters are soft and warm. There are no spring frosts and frosts. The soil is sandy, sandy-clay, in some places clay-limestone.

The name of the winery comes from the uncovered nearby fortress Castra Rubra (The Red Fortress), dating back from the early Byzantine period. The fortress used to be a road station, for the people, using another historic landmark in the vicinity - Via Diagonalis (the road that connected Rome and Constantinople), to rest and spend the night.

Castra Rubra winery is equipped with the most modern and advanced facilities, where are being produced excellent wines from nearly 18 varieties of grapes. Not only that but the winery is an architectural bijou, made of stone and wood, in perfect harmony with the environment. There is hall for fermentation, cellars for storage in special barrels, a hall where bottled wines age.

Visitors are being invited to two areas: a guest room and a tasting hall where the experienced team, working at the winery, introduces tourists with the technology used for growing vineyards and offers tasting of selected wines.

The wines produced here are truly unique, stylish and with excellent taste, crafted with the help and advice of the famous French oenologist Michel Rolland. Almost all of them are a precise blend between the grape varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruby ??and Mavrud. The ratio, of course, is kept a secret, but all wines are always made on the basis of merlot.

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