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Address: Bulgaria, Starosel
Starosel Winery was built in 2005 and is part of the complex for wine tourism, called "Starossel", located at the foot of the biggest Thracian cult center. The winery is situated in the central part of Hisar Municipality, under the south slopes of Sredna gora mountain. The altitude of the area is about 300 m.
The climate is characterized as a transitory one, which over the years has either Mediterranean subtropical influence or mid-European continental influence. Winters are mild and warm due to the air masses coming from the south. The soil is red clay and brown forest, rich in active carbonates with excellent mechanical structure, particularly suitable for growing red grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

The annual processing capacity is about 1 000 tons of grapes and works following a unique for Bulgaria production technology, using special equipment for fermentation and selection of grapes.

Starosel Winery offers a wine tour and tasting in the unique temple of wine or the temple of Dionysus, as they call it here. It resembles a rotunda where visitors have the opportunity to immerse in a long bygone era, to enjoy the recreation of Thracian rituals and performances with themes from ancient times, while sipping wine from the land of the Thracians.

The wine cellar offers several types of wine tours, shows, the organization of outdoors wedding ceremonies is also available.

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