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Address: Bulgaria, Harsovo
The winery Villa Melnik is located about 7 km south of the smallest town in Bulgaria - Melnik, in southwestern Bulgaria, on the border with Greece.

The area is characterized by a transitional Mediterranean climate, with minimum summer rainfall and maximum rainfall amounts during the winter. It is also characterized by sandy soil, rich in minerals, perfect for the development of viticulture and winemaking.

The winery "Villa Melnik" owns 30 hectares vineyards, located along the slopes of Melnik river. Part of them is in the land of Vinogradi village and the other part is in the area around Harsovo village. With the name of the village was registered a wine with controlled designation of origin.

The winery produces wines from the best local and classic varieties: red wines - Ranna Melnishka loza (meaning early leaved vine from Melnik), Shiroka Melnishka loza (meaning broad-leaved vine from Melnik), Ruen, Mavrud, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir and white wines - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Tamianka.

In 2012 the construction of the new and modern cellar of the winery was completed. It has a capacity to process about 250 tons of grapes. This modernly equipped cellar is dug into a sandy hill which provides gravity flow movement of the wine, and excellent conditions for wine aging and storage.

Villa Melnik winery crafts small series of high-quality elite wines under the brands AplauZ, Bergule, Family tradition, Melnik.
The wines have been awarded numerous national and international awards. The leading oenologist is Rumyana Stoilova, who completed her education in Bordeaux, France. Villa Melnik is open to visitors every day.

In the spring of 2013, both placed in service and operating as site for wine tourism, at villa Melnik also opened doors a modern winery with a capacity of about 250 tons grapes. Designed for quality wines production it is located among the vineyards in the area Beli Breg in Harsovo village.

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