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Address: 6, Vasil Levsky str.

Hotel Golden Lion offers a family holiday in Bulgaria on the Black sea coast. The hotel has a 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-x local numbers.

The rooms have air conditioning, tv, internet, mini-bar, hair dryer, private terrace, bathroom with toilet. In the hotel there is a restaurant-bar, where you can enjoy delicious homemade food, variety of drinks and desserts, hookah.

The hotel also has a sauna with relaxation room, karaoke and massage service. Here you can drink some fragrant tea directly from the samovar, sing your favorite song, enjoy a relaxing massage.

Your attention is also offered a lot of interesting and cognitive excursions. Lovers of hunting offers safari-3 days, as well as a fishing trip on the wild beaches, picnics, barbecues and much more for an interesting and unforgettable pastime.

There is a possibility for carrying out of corporate parties, family celebrations, seminars and conferences.


Hurry Up! You are waiting for the bright warm sun, pleasant unforgettable excursions, fishing, bbq meal or an ear on the nature and the beautiful Bulgarian Wine!

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