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Address: Albena Resort
Aquamania water park is located in Albena resort, spreading on an area of 30 000 square meters. The design of the park and the facilities in it meet all the latest requirements for water-amusement parks in the world. The contractor company has carried out projects in countries across 6 continents. Aquamania water park is one of its kind in Southeast Europe.
The visitors of the water park part become part of a story about a lost in an unknown galaxy spaceship. Their aim is to work their way through various fabulous and fantastic attractions, going through incredible spaces that hide water guns, climbing walls, fountains of exciting colors and special effects.

The main attractions offered by the park are:

ProRacer - this is one of the most famous types of water slides in the world. Its total length is 315 meters, it has four parallel lanes, where exciting competitions can be carried out.
Mammoth - this slide is 183 meters long and 20 meters high. Visitors can experience the pleasure of rafting in this water attraction. With an inflatable ring, which can fit up to 4 people, people go down the winding channels of the slide.

"The Lazy river" sneaks its way lazily under the shade of trees, rushing rapids flow into the rocky canyons. "The Wild River" has exciting fountains which explode in a pageant of colors and shapes.

For children Aquamania water park offers smaller versions of the all the facilities for adults.
A true paradise of colors, playgrounds with bizarre space creatures:
Tornado for children (KIDZ Tornado),
ProRacer  for children (KIDZ Racer),
Twister  for children (KIDZ Twister) and
Children's mini river (KIDZ Mini River).

Breathtaking water effects and fountains will unleash the imagination of children in the "cosmic deck of the Turtle" (The Fountain of the Turtle) or at the "Lagoon of the moon crater" (The Playground). Climbing the way to the slides, children will discover a mysterious teleportation device, called "Star gate", from which they will set off to a wonderful world of joy and imagination.

Located next to the Children's area is "The Bar of the Galactic Pilot" (The Pool Bar), on the walls of which aliens and unknown civilizations have left their messages in forgotten and unknown space languages.
The spacious "Star Tunnel" (the two-storey Snack Bar) is a crossing point for all those who have decided to relax with a cool galactic cocktail on the shaded Terrace Bar.

"The House of the Milky Way" (The Ice cream Saloon), located near the commercial area with shops, welcomes guests with ice temptations from their very entrance into the park.
The opening hours of Aquamania, during the summer months, are from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

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