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Address: Grifid Bolero, Golden Sands
AquaPark is located in Golden Sands, hotel Grifid Bolero.

The main attractions offered by the park are:

The PIPEline™ - On this classic thriller, guests blast through enclosed tunnels and soar through a labyrinth of back-to-back variable radius curves, banked 180 and 360 turns and multiple acclerating drops.
Especially for the Grifid Bolero Aquapark this ride has been designed with over 168 m of alternating tunnels and high speed open flume sections and nearly 17 m drop for even greater riding experience.

The TOPSY-TURVY™ (Tornado Slide) - TOPSY-TURVY funnels oscillate the rider several times before dropping them back into the ride and onto the next funnel. There are  3 open funnels on the Clubhotel Bolero Aquapark, each oriented differently for unique look and ride experience; To get into the funnels riders travel through a combination of over 158 m of dark tunnels and high-speed open flume sections of ProSlide’s PIPEline™ tubing technology with the use of both single and double tubes. Total drop of the slide is over 12 m. Awarded IAAPA’s 2010 Best New Waterpark Ride.

The BulletBOWL™ – with a steep (over 12 m drop), tunneled in-run (88 m of tunnels) and compact tubing bowl, provides a truly unparalleled centrifugal experience. Awarded IAAPA’s Best New Waterpark Ride in 2004

Grifid Mini Club – the completely newly build Mini Club already impresses with its scale, style and facilities.
There is so much fun and entertainment space with the availability of 2 separate children sections together with 2 children pools. The 3 new slides specially designed and built for children are  the central joy point of the area.  And it wouldn’t be complete without the spacious open air playgrounds surrounded by the lush greeneries of the natural park – also available to the entire families.

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