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Address: Bulgaria, Varna municipality
Happy Land is the biggest theme park on the territory of Bulgaria Black Sea coast, situated 25 km away from Varna, on the state road to Burgas, in close proximity to the resorts Kamchia and Shkorpilovtsi. The park is surrounded by a deciduous forest and is located on an area of more than 30 000 sq. m. It resembles the famous Disneyland, but is of considerably smaller size.
"Happy Land" park offers its visitors unique design and architecture. It is divided into themed to different subjects sections, each of which of particular authenticity: a fairy atmosphere with various characters like Gulliver, Tarzan, Mowgli and Baba Yaga, various cultural attractions and historical events, a mini version of Bulgaria, fast food restaurants with specialties from many parts of the world. There is a team of animators, who take care of the visitors and act like popular fairy-tale characters. The park also offers an evening show, which ends with spectacular fireworks. There is also something for extreme sports fans - a kart circuit.
MINI BULGARIA: a raised-relief map of Bulgaria, representing a small version of all the popular and interesting sights from the cultural heritage of the country, as well as natural landscapes.
ORIENT: Adrenaline entertainment facilities among the old and present architecture, customs and culture of the Middle East.
TEXAS:  - A typical street, representing the atmosphere from the Western genre movies from 17-19 centuries.
MEXICO: Architecture and design in the typical bright colors and culture of Mexico.
CAMELOT: A city castle, from the time of the reign of King Arthur with a host of attractions and facilities, build in that style;
TORTUGA: Pirates village, located on an island, with a 17-th century appearance. There is a berthed ship in the harbor. It takes visitors to an underground cave among the treasures of one of the most popular and famous pirates - the Englishman Bartholomew Roberts.
HAPPY HOUSES: Fun and enjoyable architecture, seen through the prism of distorting mirrors and leading to 5D and 6D cinema theatres that leave guests of the park breathless.
The park offers an area of around 8000 sq. m with parking lots that meets the needs of both individual and group visitors.

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