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Address: Bulgaria, Balchik
An afternoon and evening bus trip which includes a visit to the summer residence of the Romanian queen Marie in the small resort town of Balchik. This villa, or as locals call it - “The Palace”(Dvoretza), was built in the middle of the ‘20s of the past century. The quirky European-oriental  architectural style of the “Quiet Nest” reflects the original religious beliefs of the queen who aimed at rapprochement between Christian and Muslim faiths and peace around the world. It’s no surprise that Bulgarian creative intellectuals, filled with poetic enthusiasm, organize their plein-air events right here. The University Botanical Garden is situated around the Villa, where more than 3000 species have been collected from all over the world. One of the biggest attractions in the garden is the collection of giant Cacti.
After the exhaustive tour in Balchik, follows a visit to the pottery workshop for production of traditional Bulgarian ceramics. Journey to cape "Kaliakra". Translated from ancient Greek the name of the cape means "beautiful cape". Apart from being known for its natural beauty, Kaliakra is also famous for the valuable archaeological findings in the area, most of which are exhibited in the local museum hall.

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