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Address: Bulgaria, Solnik village
In this tour you will get to know the holidays and the rituals in Bulgaria and also the life in a typical Bulgarian village. To the south of Varna, at the foot of Stara Planina, is situated the village Solnik. What will appeal to you in this place are the wonderful nature, the peace and the fresh air. First, tourists will be offered a cart ride and a visit to the small village church. They will be welcomed in a traditional way with bread and salt in the house of the hospitable hosts Radka and George. Folklore group performance, and a dramatized reconstruction of a Bulgarian wedding. Tasting of homemade rakia and getting to know the production process of this most renowned and most strong national alcoholic drink. Feast with Bulgarian cuisine dishes, tasting of pastry and natural ecological honey.
Going round the farm - vegetable garden, orchard with fruit trees, coop and cattle yard. Don’t forget to take your camera – the old rural house keeps a unique collection of old costumes, that you can put on.
This ethnographically oriented trip is suitable both for children and adults.

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