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Address: Bulgaria, Sofia
Sofia - Rila Monastery - Rupite - two-day trip
Day 1: Departure to Sofia. Sightseeing tour of the city.  Walk in the central part of the capital, visit to St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Russian Church. Lunch. Free time. Departure to the Rila Monastery which is the biggest and the most famous male active  monastery on the territory of Bulgaria. The monastery was founded more than 1000 years ago by the holy hermit St John of Rila ("Sveti Ivan Rilski"). The monastery is situated at a height of 1147 m above the sea level in the inaccessible mountains and for a long time has literary and figuratively functioned as a stronghold supporting Bulgarian spirit during the five centuries of Ottoman rule. Dinner and night stay at a place near the monastery.
Day 2: Breakfast. Attending the morning service and sightseeing of the monastery and the museum. Departure to Rupite, the region that became famous thanks to the fact that through  the last years of her life, the popular prophetess Vanga (baba Vanga), had consulted sick and troubled in this area . There are hyperthermal (75° С) mineral water springs with curative properties in Rupite. For this miraculous tiny piece of Bulgarian land baba Vanga used to say that was is full of specific cosmic energy. In 1992 the prophetess built the church "St. Petka Bulgarska". Near it Vanga was buried. Thousands of visitors everyday go there to honor her grave. After the visit - lunch and departure to the resort.

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