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Address: Bulgaria, Kazanlak
An unforgettable experience of getting to know the glorious historical past and the present natural splendor of the southern foothills of the legendary mountain Stara Planina. Sightseeing of the places related to the military glory of the Russian soldiers and the Bulgarian volunteers. Visit to the Valley of Roses, famous for its Thracian temples and tombs, symbols of one of the most ancient European civilizations. Visit to the Museum of roses in the town Kazanlak and getting to know the production process of the rose oil. Demonstration in the cosmetic factory "Tomy Show Cosmetics" of how products are being made on the basis of rose water. Lunch. Visit to the Shipka Memorial Church. Sightseeing of the Shipka Epopee, located on the peak, named after the Russian general Stoletov. Departure to Veliko Tarnovo – the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire: sightseeing of the Medieval Bulgarian fortress on Tsarevets Hill and visit to the street of crafts (Samovodska charshia). Free time. Dinner.
The trip ends in a breathtaking way with attending the show "Sound and Light." On the background of the historical hill, a mixture of impressive music, various colored lights, laser beams and church chimes depicts the glorious, full of dramatic moments, Bulgarian history. Return to the resort.

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