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Address: Bulgaria, Zlatograd, 40 Stefan Stambolov str.
The ethnographic complex Zlatograd is a unique open-air museum, located in the town of Zlatograd, in Smolyan region, near the border with Greece. Here visitors can travel several centuries back in time. The complex was opened in 2001 and comprises the following:
Historical-Ethnographic museum exhibition:
At the Ethnographic Museum you can see how a traditionally decorated room from the beginning of the 19th century looked like, you can also explore exhibits related to the life and everyday culture of the local population, the clothing and jewelry worn back in these times. The museum also has a small archaeological part, which is to be expanded.
Charshia (i.e. market area):
There are 8 craft workshops located in this area, where visitors can not only learn about the different crafts, typical of the region, but also to learn a craft if they want to.

A mill with three water facilities
6 restaurants and entertainment areas, 6 places for accommodation:
Aleksandrovi Houses
Pachilovska House
SPA complex "Alexander"
Korucheva house
Sivrieva house
Hostel "Grebentsi"
2 SPA centers
2 conference halls
In the old part are located the other two museums that you can visit during your stay in Zlatograd - the Museum of Post and Telecommunications and the Museum of Education in the Eastern Rhodopes.
One of the oldest churches in the Eastern Rhodopes - Assumption of Holy Mother is located on the territory of the town. It was built back in 1834 and is dug “7 steps down” into the ground, with icons painted by Zahari Zograf himself. The church is very attractive for lovers of pilgrimage tourism. In its courtyard there is a religious school and a hall where candles have been cast (“sveshtolivnica”). Both sites hold the attention of younger visitors.
Zlatograd also has its guardians - St. Constantine and Helena, St. Nedelya, St. Atanas, St. Ekaterina, St. Ilya and St. Marina.
In the past, on the hills around Zlatograd, there were chapels, built in honor of the holy guardians, which formed a kind of cross over the town. Until today the first 4 of them have been conserved or restored and the restoration of the other two is to begin.
Near Zlatograd there are also two natural sites, which in turn are related to the Thracians - the Thracian sanctuary Beloto Kamane, near the village of Startzevo, and a rock cult complex, near the village of Benkovski.

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