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Address: Bulgaria, Varna, "Asparuhovo" district, Asparuhov Park
The Proto-Bulgarian village "Fanagoria" is an ethnographic complex in Varna, which is the one and only working open air museum in the country. This complex is a full-scale replica of a proto-Bulgarian battle camp from 6th-8th century and comprises of wooden defense walls with battle towers, fully furnished tents (the so called yurts), working craft workshops, restored antique costumes, weapons, everyday items and furniture. There is also a square with a temple (called “kapishte”), Khan and shaman yurts, a range and a stand for spectators.
Visitors are offered a guided tour, visit to the yurts and the crafts center, archery and a great number of souvenirs - replicas of ancient items.
The evening program, performed on major holidays, includes an intriguing and dynamic horse show, which represents a proto-Bulgarian feast, connected with the young warriors and horses. The show amuses with dressage riding, horse stunts, practice fight, the Khan of the Bulgarians, predictions of the shaman and his prayer to the ancient god Tangra.

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