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Address: Sunny Beach
This is the place where you can enjoy the great view day and night.  Before your eyes are revealed in all its beauty and not so great zastroenost of Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sveti Vlas and some villages near Sunny Beach.  Arbour is Khans tent restaurant, which dates from socialist times and is the trademark of the older generations, but today is also a popular destination. Foreigners also know very well Khans tent, and came again, going to repeat and portrait because the place is really cool.  The building impresses with its shape, it resembles a tent in the Proto-Bulgarian relatively larger.  Inside a special throne room and inscriptions describing proto life, history and traditions. The service is very high.  Waiters are bearded one, because the idea is to mimic the Bulgars, who left his beard. The mood of the guests there is a group that performs covers of famous songs. The special program is variateten type and includes dancing, acrobatics, magic and more.  After the program opens the dance floor and the party is in the throes. Culinary diversity would also satisfy all tastes. Available selection of alcoholic drinks. In the lower part of the restaurant has a separate Piano Bar. For those who like to enjoy the scenery there Extensive terrace overlooking the sea and mountains. We encourage anyone who is headed to Sunny Beach to rebound to Khans tent!

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