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Address: Lozenets, Oasis del Mare
Restaurant "Smak" is located within the territory of the Oasis Beach Club complex, at Lozenets resort. The restaurant offers traditional Russian cuisine prepared by an experienced team of chefs, who for many years have worked in a popular Russian restaurant in Sofia.

In addition to the mandatory Russian dishes such as salted herring with vodka, pelmeni (dumplings), chicken Tabaka (Tobacco Chicken) and Beef Stroganoff, the menu also includes a variety of dishes from the cuisine of the former Soviet republics.

The restaurant serves Ukrainian borscht, Uzbek pilaf, and Georgian tolma. Among the chefs there are also Armenians who prepare authentic Armenian grill as well as other specialties from the Armenian cuisine. Among the desserts, there is always a Russian honey cake and a Black Pearl (plum, almond with amaretto and ice cream).

The dishes are served with a quality selection of the best Bulgarian wines and the best world famous brands. Of course, there are specialties from the Bulgarian and the European cuisine too.

We look forward to welcome you and we are ready to answer all your wishes.

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