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Address: Bulgaria, Kranevo
Aqualife Sports Complex is located in the holiday resort Kranevo, between the resorts Albena (3 km) and Golden Sands (6 km), 100 m away from the seashore.
The complex consists of 3 buildings: Aqualife, Aqualife Active anf Aqualife Sport.

Sports facilities:

- 50-metre outdoor swimming pool, certified according to the standards of LEN. Dimensions: length - 50 m, width - 20 m, 8 lanes. Water temperature: 26-28 degrees Celsius . Depth - from 200 to 220 cm, suitable for swimming, water polo and synchronized swimming training. Next to the pool there are grandstands for spectators with a capacity of 300 seats.

- Multi-purpose sports hall. Dimensions: length - 36 m , width - 18 m, height - 13.5 m. Flooring - Teraflex Sport, professional and certified by the standards of FIBA, FFBB, IHF and WVBF, suitable for volleyball, basketball, football, handball, gymnastics, boxing, karate and other training.

- Dancing and choreography hall. Area: 250 sq. m. Dimensions: length - 28 m, width - 8 m, height - 5.4 m, professional rubber anti-slip flooring with barres and portable mirrors; ventilation, air conditioning, sound system.
- Professional training hall/fitness gym. Area: 140 sq.m. Equipped with training gear and more than 30 modern professional simulators for training all muscle groups; ventilated and air-conditioned.

- Wrestling and judo hall – with tatami mat, air-conditioned.

- Dancing and choreography hall. Area: 120 sq.m. Dimensions: Length - 15 m, width - 8 m, ceiling height – 3 m; with barres and portable mirrors; parquet flooring.

- Outdoor sports ground, dimensions: 30 m x 12 m, with artificial turf Class I, basketball backboards, football nets and volleyball net poles.

- Outdoor sports ground, dimensions: 20 m x 12 m, with artificial turf Class I, basketball backboards, handball goals and volleyball net poles.

- Outdoor football pitch with artificial turf.

- 2 small pools for recreation and relaxation.

- Private beach – wide beach with separate beach volleyball courts;
- Summer outdoor stage for entertainment (animation), dimensions: 15 m x 8 m, 200 seats available, with lighting and sound system, stage curtains, dressing rooms, DJ console, suitable for animation, various entertainment events, concerts, shows, plays and children's disco;
- Internet club;
- Children's club with qualified teacher;
- Sauna;
- Massage room;
- Doctor’s office with 24/7 medical care available.
- Conference hall - Area: 160 sq.m, 100 seats, suitable for training, conferences and seminars, natural lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, technical equipment.

50-metre outdoor swimming pool

Multi-purpose sports hall

Dancing and choreography hall

Professional training hall / fitness

Dancing and choreography hall

Outdoor sports ground

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