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Address: Bulgaria, Kamchia
Sports Complex "Kamchia" is the most state-of-the-art sports and recreation facility on the territory of Bulgaria. It is located within the complex Kamchia, 25 km away from Varna city, and is part of "Kamchia Sanatorium Rehabilitation Complex." The combination of sports facilities, accommodation units, diagnosis and treatment centre and balneological centre turn SC Kamchia into a perfect place for sports and recreation camps.

The following facilities are located within the complex:

Multi-purpose sports hall - dimensions: 45x90 m, 12 m height . There is an athletic track in the hall (200 m) and a field for ball games, which can be converted into a hockey rink (artificial ice). There are two wrestling mats GYMNOVA and two tatami AGGLOREX, in the complex, as well as any other additional training equipment. The sports hall is air-conditioned and ventilated by an advanced technology and it has 650 lx lighting. Both ends of the hall are equipped with video walls, sized 5x3m, which are part of the score system.

Athletic running track 200 m - in accordance with IAAF requirements, its geometry meets the requirements for "200m Standard Distance Indoor Track". The running track is covered with a tartan surface (14 mm) and has 4 lanes. The track is suitable for the following events: 200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1500 meters, 4x200 meters, 4x400 meters, 4x800 meters, 1 000 meters, 3 000 meters, 5 000 meters. The athletics track is equipped with starting blocks, false start detection, photo finish system and electronic score detection (ALGE).

Fields for ball games and ice hockey (artificial ice) - dimensions of the playing area are 30x60m. The flooring of the playing areas is GERFLOR, and it is 6.3 mm thick and marked with lines for volleyball, basketball, handball, futsal. The entire sports and technical equipment on the courts (baskets, nets, goalposts, referee chairs etc.) is SCHELDE.
The hockey rink with artificial ice is installed over the existing sports flooring and its dimensions are 30x60m. Safety enclosures surround the rink.

Swimming pool - Olympic-size indoor pool, 50x21m, minimum depth of 2.45 m, maximum depth 5.15 m. Suitable for all 50 meter events. Equipped for swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. The facility is air-conditioned and has a ventilation system and a dehumidification system.
The pool has:
- 8 lanes with starting blocks (40 cm);
- Water polo field (male and female), with removable goalposts ;
- Diving tower with platforms at 1, 3, 5, 7.50 and 10 m height;
- Diving springboards at 3.00 m and 1.00 m;
- Timing system for swimming sports - Time hardware, software, specialized for swimming sports;
- Scoreboard for simultaneous results display  for all the eight lanes;
- FINA standard touch tiles;
- False start detection touch tiles;
- Start system;
- False start indicators, backstroke turn indicators;
- Air safety cushion device, for cushioning divers impact in the water;
- Device for mechanical water movement;
- Underwater sound system;
- Electronic referee control unit for water polo, with software for water polo and remote controls;
- 30-seconds counter for attack, with 350 x 500 mm display, cable connection, horn;
- Special water polo display board.

Gymnastics Training Hall
The Gymnastics hall is with dimensions 18x24m and 3 mm thick GERFLOR flooring. The hall is air-conditioned, with 600 lx lighting. It has GYMNOVA men's gymnastics equipment and a trampoline.

Fitness Gyms
There are two fitness gyms on the territory of the complex. Both of them are covered with 3 mm thick GERFLOR flooring, and are air-conditioned. The entire fitness equipment is "TECHNOGYM" from the series "SELECTION" and "PURESTRENGHT".

Table Tennis Hall
The hall is 18x24m big, with 3 mm thick GERFLOR flooring. The facility is air-conditioned, with 600 lx lighting. It is equipped with SPONETA tennis tables.

Outdoor open-air playgrounds
Outdoor playgrounds are covered with artificial grass and are lit and equipped for small goals football, volleyball and basketball.

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